Planetary Health at Women Leaders in Global Health 2017 Stanford Conference

The Women Leaders in Global Health conference at Stanford this week featured a keynote address by Diana Chapman Walsh, President Emerita of Wellesley College. Her remarks, "Why Are We Here?: Women Leaders for a Safer World," included an urgent charge to attendees on lowering emissions, preparing for, and managing climate change.

Every one of us in the health field is needed to step up to this challenge in every way we can. If we look we can find many signs of progress all over the world, many ways to help, many reasons to hope.
— Diana Chapman Walsh, October 11, 2017, Leadership Keynote

A 2016 Stanford report by Walsh, with co-authors Katherine States Burke and Michele Barry  (Health: The Human Face of Climate Change) outlines a series of broad recommendations for the Executive Branch to consider actions that could help mitigate the "grave effects of climate change."

The paper (link added to our Resources section) was prepared as one of a set of 14 reports for the Climate Implementation Project Conference Series, and featured in Stanford Medicine.