UNFCCC's Planetary Health Innovation Awards Announced

The UNFCC's "Climate Change Solution Awards" were announced and highlighted this month, featuring "lighthouse activities" that demonstrate global acceleration and commitment to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Four of the 19 winners were in the "planetary health" category, all of which (see below) are laudable and worth reviewing, but check out this planetary health-positive maternal and child health project.

We Care Solar Solar Suitcase

We Care Solar Solar Suitcase

Sustainable Energy for Safe Childbirth (Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Nepal) To We Care Solar, bringing power to off-grid and remote birth centers via a cool "solar suitcase" that is mobile or can be installed: includes headlamps, phone charger, a fetal doppler monitor, and AA/AAA battery charging.



The other winners in the planetary health category were:

Restoring Peatlands in Russia (Russia) Wetlands International, to restore Russian peatlands and reduce fire incidence (including CO2 and smoke particulate matter)

Cleaning our Oceans of Plastic, Solving Extreme Poverty and Reducing Emissions of Global Supply Chains (Haiti) Plastic recycling program to provide cash to Haitians and eliminate mosquito breeding areas.

Reclaiming Global Waterways and Beaches (France) Manufacture of the first recyclable shampoo bottle, created from "beach plastic"