New WHO Initiative to Support Island Nations' Health System Resilience

More progress and ideas from COP23 to address the effect of climate change on health systems. A new WHO initiative was announced to call for a "tripling of support for [developing island nations] health systems and for more evidence on the link between climate change and health."

In his remarks at COP23, Director-General Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus noted the four main components of the new initiative:

First, to amplify the voices of health and political leaders in small island developing states to engage nationally and internationally.

Second, to gather the evidence to build the business case for investment in climate change and health;

Third, to prepare for climate risks through preparedness and prevention policies and to build "climate proof" health systems; [emphasis ours]

And fourth, to triple the current financial support for climate and health in small island developing states.

Tedros further noted: "Less than 1.5% of international finance for climate change adaptation is allocated to health projects, and [small island developing states] receive only a fraction of that."