Assessing and Investing in Climate-Smart Health Systems

Two new, separate resources are out that tackle the assessment of planetary-health positive systems: a country-level methodology from WHO/WBG and a HIA-policy approach from the Feb 2018 issue of Lancet Planetary Health.

Methodological Guidance: Climate Change and Health Diagnostic (A Country-Based Approach for Assessing Risks in Climate-Smart Health Systems), by WHO and World Bank Group:

Building climate-resilient health systems is a cumulative process that makes resilience a goal, in addition to protecting and promoting public health, and being responsive and efficient in providing social and financial protection.

Operationalising planetary health as a game-changing paradigm: health impact assessments are key, by Osofsky and Pongsiri:

The field of planetary health is now at a crossroads: a focus is needed on the development and demonstration of methodologies that can enable transdisciplinary research, co-designed in consultation with primary stakeholders and end users, to increase the likelihood of science-based policy and meaningful action.